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Did you know that to date $183 million has been reinvested back in the community?

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The better big bank

Strathmore Community Services Ltd trades as the Strathmore Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank. As a community bank, our focus is to look after your best interests so you may make informed decisions best suited to your needs. By banking with Strathmore Community Bank Branch, you help us inject much needed funding and support back into your local community.

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS). To learn more, please click on the button link.



We have a wide and competitive range of products and services for your banking and financial needs


By banking with you us, you generate funds to support and open new opportunities for your local community.


Shareholders create a ‘win-win’ situation. Great returns to you and your community!


Applications are available for a wide range of worthy causes. To whether we can help you or your organisation, make an enquiry today!


As a community bank, our professional advice and assistance ensures you make decisions that are right for you!

5 main reasons to choose us

Our unique point of difference is when you choose to bank with us, you can help make a real difference to your community.
Over $10.5 million has been returned to communities and initiatives Australia-Wide. By banking with us you can help change and save lives.
Not only do we have a wide range of competitive products and services for your banking and financial needs, we offer unparalleled customer service.
By becoming a shareholder you receive great returns and help contribute to the success of reinvesting back into the community.
Our community funding, scholarships and sponsorships means you help support and build prosperous opportunities for individuals, groups and associations.