Webinar of The Impact of the Bed Sponsorship Program at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) – Event held July 2021

The webinar was hosted by Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Office of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and featured a presentation from Dr Leah Hickey, Director of Neonatal Care at the RCH who spoke about the Cocoon Program and Peter Brown, Chairman of Chairman of Strathmore Community Services, a long time donor and supporter of beds across the hospital. Also shared was ‘Luca’s Story’ and the wonderful way his family is giving back to the hospital that continues to support him.

“Why does bed sponsorship matter? It matters because it means we can keep our sick and preterm babies safe and warm, on and off the ward. It matters because it breaks down the barriers between parents and their sick babies. It matters because we know when we pass the recognition boards on our way into Butterfly Ward, that you have our back. We know that you are there, and that you care. And that helps us get on with what is often an emotionally challenging job, caring for some of the sickest babies and supporting their families through what is probably the hardest time of their live.” – Leah Hickey.