Community Partnership Funding Programs

Strathmore Community Services Limited operates the franchise of the Strathmore Community Bank Branch and has been proudly supporting our local community since opening the Branch on 23 July 2001. Community partnership funding is made possible by the profit generated from banking services provided at our branch. We return up to 80% of our profits back to the community so the more banking business we have, the more funds we have available to give back to the local community.

Growing our customer base allows this unique banking model to thrive and our capacity to provide funding to more organisations into the future. To continue the good work, we look to develop community partnerships that provide opportunities to promote Strathmore Community Bank Branch. In particular, we hope that you will encourage members of your organisation to bank with us.


You have three easy choices to complete the application for Funding. These different versions are available to you so you can choose the method most convenient for you. Method 1, simply fill out the EMBEDDED form below OR click on the yellow button to access method 2 & 3, which is the HARDCOPY download  or interactive DIGITAL PDF.

    Please ensure you read, understand and comply with the General Conditions for Funding and Terms and Conditions sections of this document before completing the application form.





    a) Certificate of incorporation or evidence of support by an incorporated body
    b) Previous annual report (Minutes of AGM and copy of the Financial Report is sufficient)
    c) Additional information you feel necessary to support your application
    (Note, large file attachments which exceed the upload limit will need to be emailed direct to









    • Funding requests are considered on a monthly basis and must be received by 4pm on the last Wednesday of the month.
    • The Board of Strathmore Community Services Ltd will treat all applications in confidence however, details of successful applicants may at the Board’s sole discretion be made public but the Board may at their discretion require that any funding be confidential and not be disclosed without the Board’s written consent.
    • All funding requests must be approved by the Board of Strathmore Community Services Ltd.
    • All applicants must be an appropriately Incorporated Body.
    • All applicants must provide any further information as requested by the Board.
    • Funding is provided to organisations to support their objectives and to provide Strathmore Community Bank (SCB) with the opportunity to engage with the Organisation’s members/staff/supporters.
    • Future funding of the Organisation will be based on the amount of extra banking business generated for SCB by the members, staff and supporters of the said organisation.
    • All outcomes of the requests for funding will be notified in writing within 60 days.
    • The Board’s decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
    • All funding must be used in accordance with the purpose set out in the Applicant’s application.
    • No funding shall be used for any illegal purpose.
    • The applicant certifies that all information provided by the applicant is true and correct.


    Should the application be successful, the applicant agrees and authorises Strathmore Community Bank (SCB) as follows:
    • SCB to use any photographs relating to your funding.
    • SCB may use your organisation’s name in conjunction with SCB’s advertising and marketing programs.
    • SCB may add your organisation’s name to the funding list for promotion of SCB.
    • To promote SCB to members/staff/supporters, via newsletters, website, social media, promotional material, banners or signage.
    • To distribute the SCB’s promotional materials to members/staff/supporters.
    • To share your web/social sites to the SCB’s website.
    • To supply a testimonial describing the benefits of the funding support.
    • To use the SCB’s logos where applicable (for major funding, may include sporting uniforms, advertising and signage).
    • SCB shall not be liable for any claim or liability which relates to any use of funds provided by SCB.


    I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to the above terms and conditions of
    Strathmore Community Services Ltd and declare that the information I have supplied is true and correct.

    PRIVACY - Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and understands your concerns regarding the confidentiality and security of the personal information you provide. The information contained in this form will be held by Strathmore Community Services Limited and may be disclosed to Bendigo Bank and organisations that carry out functions on behalf of Bendigo Bank. Our full privacy policy is available online at Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited. ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879. S40202BB (216679_v6)
    (Reminder: If the application fails to SEND, please remove the file attachments and email direct to